Why to Hire an Event Planner


It’s no surprise that planning an event takes a great deal of time and energy. All of that however, can distract you from your enjoyment of the actual event. After all, the event if yours and you should be able to enjoy it! An event planner, particularly one from a trusted and established business can easily take away all the stresses of planning an event, big or small.

To start, hiring an event planner can lower your cost. Believe it or not, an event planner may reduce the overall cost of your event. Event planners have relationships with vendors, which allows them to receive discounts for your event that you would otherwise not receive. They will also have a better knowledge of which vendors suit your needs and your price range.

Additionally, hiring an event planner will save you time and energy. It’s understandable that people are busy. Event planners have the time and will spend the energy to make sure that your event is what you imagined. You’ll have no need to worry about the lights, the chairs, the flowers, the food, the drinks, or any meticulous details that you may have forgotten. Instead, rest assured that your event planner has gone over every checklist, attended every meeting, and confirmed every attendee. All of their past experiences allows them to do the job more quickly and efficiently.

Another advantage of having event planning experience is to be prepared for the unexpected. When planning an event, it’s important to have the mindset that “if it can go wrong, it will.” Always have contingency plans for an event! After planning and attending all those events, planners have seen and dealt with all types of problems that can arise regarding the event. An event planner will make sure that your event runs smoothly as possible. Having the experience and backup plans ready, they won’t lose their composure if anything goes wrong. And chances are, they will be the person to calm you down if the unexpected does happen.

Lastly, what may be the most convincing and important reason won’t be realized until the day of the event. Hiring an event planner allows you to enjoy your event. Instead of worrying about the finer details of the event, and making sure that everything arrived and that everyone is where they’re supposed to be, you will be free to relax and take part in the event. Take the time to eat, have a drink, and chat with a friend! Look around at the beauty of your event and at the end of it don’t forget to thank your event planner.

Check out some of BEC’s very own event planners and let them plan your next event! Who says that weddings need to be a headache?

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