Top 5 Destination Themed Quinceaneras

Quinceneara OC

Every young girl has that one memorable birthday, make an upcoming Quinceanera unforgettable by choosing a unique theme!


One of the key segments of the quinceanera celebration is the waltz and surprise dance. One of the ways that you can change the overall feel of the party is by making the surprise dance, a bollywood routine!


This destination is every young girls dream! Why not bring Paris to them for the celebration? Carry out that known elegance through simplistic, neutral decorations paired with food that is French inspired!

Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood is known for the glitz and glamour! Bring this old time feel to life in a few simple ways! Ask the entertainers to dress like a big band would during the time of Old Hollywood. Also, as the birthday girl walks into the event have her walk down a red carpet while individuals act like paparazzi. The ideas are limitless!


This is probably one of the most popular themes for birthdays in general! One of the ways this theme can be brought to life would be through requiring attendees to wear masks. Feathers are also one of the key decorations that should be included in everything from the cake and table decorations to the birthday girl’s outfit.


A safari themed event would be an adventure in itself! The venue could be decorated in your choice of animal’s prints! Table decorations could consist of tree leaves, and bamboo arrangements! Something so simple could be such a fun memory!

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