Tips to Help Make Her Quinceañera Amazing


A quinceañera is a special time in the life of a young woman, and the opportunity to make it an unforgettable experience for her only occurs once. For families who understand the importance of this event to their daughter, sister, or nephew it can be a bit nerve racking when you’re aiming to meet her expectations. Let’s discuss some tips that can ease your anxiety and help you host an amazing quinceañera.

Communicate. Discuss the event with the loved one you’re holding the event for. We’d all like to surprise our guest of honor with a breathtaking quinceañera, and we can still do that, but you should still take the opportunity to probe and see what type of event she’d enjoy. By gathering information about the type of venue, theme, or amount of guests you can tinker the quinceañera to her needs while still adding elements that will surprise her. This allows you appease some of her requests, but the planning and creativity of the event is still well in your hands.

Plan well ahead. Good planning is advice you could use any important aspect of life, and a major milestone celebration like a quinceañera shouldn’t be any exception. You have to consider every roadblock or detour on the way to your event date. What if there’s rain? What if you planned too late and you can’t get a date near or her birthday, or you can’t get the venue needed to meet the desired theme? These are worst-case scenarios you need to consider well in advance. Plan anywhere from 3-4 months in advance to her birthday or desired quinceanera date. This should give you ample time to scout for a venue that fits your desired theme, reserve your date, invite guests, find a caterer, and find a planner who can meet your requests. Since you’ve taken the time to plan in advance, you’re going to avoid the problems we discussed earlier and many other unforeseen ones along the way.

Budget properly. Budgeting could fit into the above category of ‘planning’ that we just discussed, but I feel it’s important enough that it deserves it’s own attention.  This is also another reason that communicating with our loved one on their desires for the quinceañera is important, we need to know what type of budget we need. If you don’t know what type of theme your planning for or don’t have ample amount of time to plan for it, then proper budgeting will be an issue. You never want to find yourself in a situation where you have to come up late with money to execute your event because you didn’t plan ahead. Understand well beforehand that a good amount of money may need to be set aside for this quinceañera. There are many unforeseen costs that can come along with planning for the event, so be alert to this and set aside extra money if possible. You’re always better off with a cushion if you have that option. We spoke about planning ahead 3 to 4 months at least in the prior paragraph. When it comes to budgeting, I would suggest building a budget for this event well in advance to that event (possibly a year and beyond). The advantage you have is that you know when her 15th birthday is and you know when the quinceañera is supposed to occur in her life. That gives you the advantage of knowing how long in advance to plan. Don’t wait, save yourself the anxiety and stress by looking very far down the road to prepare.

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