Those Little Moments

Those little moment

Stop. Take a moment and think back to the last time your heart swelled with joy. Think of those moments that warmed your heart and watered your eyes. Recreate that moment in your head when you smiled at even the simplest of things – the look on a groom’s face as he watches the love of his life walk down the aisle, the smile on a child as he runs into the arms of a parent who just returned from active duty, the interlocked hands of two five year-olds who know nothing about the complexities of life, yet understand the value of companionship far more than the rest of us. These are those moments that bring us back to the core of emotion and truth that are muffled in the mundane repetitions of day-to-day life. In case you need a little help, take a look at this moment of hope that serves as a reminder of the little things.

The disaster of the tornado that struck Oklahoma this week is another tragedy that has been dealt to us this year. However these difficult times are the same that unite us, not only as a country, but also as people. Our thoughts are with all those affected and our gratitude is with all those helping the cause. We have hope for recovery. In the interview on the video, this woman had survived the wrath of the tornado. But, she survived at the loss of her home and what she thought at the time, her beloved dog as well. Giving her interview, she had no idea that her dog was merely a few feet away from her the whole time and still in the ruble of her house that trapped her not so long ago. Seeing the raw happiness that exudes from this woman shows hope that even in such a tragedy, the attainment of happiness is not too far away. This video shows one of those moments, those little moments that bring us joy and warms our hearts.

In this age of social media, these moments are passed all over the world in seconds. With a quick Google search, one can find stories of a wide variety of heartwarming acts. One of my favorites includes the story of “suspended coffee.” Earlier this year, the story came alive on the Internet of people buying suspended coffees. Instead of drinking them, those who buy suspended coffees just pay and leave. Then, particularly in the harsh winters that often overcome New England, if there is a patron who isn’t able to afford a hot drink, they are welcome to a pre-purchased cup of “suspended coffee.” But there’s no need to look even as far as that. Open your eyes and take a good look, soon those moments will be all around.

Perhaps what makes these moments special is all a matter of perspective. These moments take us out of the daily grind of life, whether a student, CEO, or office worker among other occupations. When life becomes a set of repeated actions that loses meaning, those little moments bring us back. They remind us why we’re studying, why we go to work, and why we wake up the next day to do the same thing over again day after day. The husband smiling as he looks back at why he got married, the parent who strives to return safely to see the smile of his little boy or girl, and the friendship of five year-olds to remind us of how simple things really are. And everyday those things are happening, concurrently if not, repeatedly all over the world to be seen by the eyes of millions. These little moments continue to bring us joy and hope for the future. So the next time you’re frustrated with life, stop. Close your eyes and think of those little moments.

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