How to plan a Quinceanera party?

Quinceañera OC

Many girls desire to have a memorable quinceanera party as one of the best nights of their lives, but not many know how to create a great one. Following information is our suggested process for girls to plan a quinceanera party.

1. Generate ideas & discuss with others

To have a Quinceanera, you need the approval and budget for party from your parents or legal guardian; therefore, you should discuss and convince them early. It is better if you start planning your Quinceanera from 6 months or a year in advance, and make sure that you cover everything. You also should make a list prices of stuff for Quinceanera such as the dress, shoes, or accessories.

2. Choose the best day & time

Time of party is very important. It will be the best if your exactly fifteen birthday on the suitable day; but if not, you have to decide different day, and make sure that your family, relatives, and friends are available.

3. Find the best place

You also should consider about the location of the party carefully. It is not easy to find a reception can both be in your price range and accommodate many people. In this, you should ask the help from your parents/legal guardians.

4. Think about the fourteen friends, couples & escort

Escort is normally a boy who will escort your birthday throughout your night. In traditional custom, your closest fourteen girl friends and fourteen boy friends will make couples and dance. If you cannot find fourteen friends, you can borrow cousins.

5. Find a photographer in advance

You should find someone to help you take the pictures/videos of the party, so that you can save to memories of one of your most important night.

6. Prepare reply card & thank-you notes

Creating reply cards and thank you notes is very necessary to your Quinceanera party. Reply card is the answer of guests for your Quinceanera’s invitation. When you send the invitation, you should make sure that the receivers will confirm back to you soon; as the result, you can know how many people are going to you birthday. If the reply cards will help you have the number of guests, the thank-you notes will show how nice you are. It is better if you send the thank-you notes to who came to you birthday within a month after the party.

7. List the music & idea for decorations

If you do not want to have a Quinceanera party like a big dinner in the normal restaurant with only tables & chairs, you should think about how will you decorate your party or what do you want it look like . You also need to choose music carefully in order to satisfy many people from the children to the elders. Depend on the financial budget, you can find a professional DJ, relatives, or friends.

8. Decide the food & drinks

You should consider about the food and drinks carefully to satisfy your guests. You should ask your parents/ legal guardians, or find out whether your guests need a special order in food & drinks such as are they  vegetarian, allergic, diabetic, or forbidden from certain foods for religious reasons, etc?

Have fun and be happy because you will only have one fifteenth birthday in your life

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