Fun with Food: Must have Desserts for your Next Event!


Deciding what desserts to have at your event can be stressful. With so many options and individual preferences it isn’t easy. Here are a few popular dessert choices that may make the process a lot easier for you.

1. Macaroons

Macaroons are an exquisite French dessert with a sweet meringue base.The shell is made from egg whites, icing sugar, ground almonds, and food coloring and the inside filling is made from ganache, butter cream and/or jam filling. Not only is this French delight delicious, it is an appealing, colorful addition to your party that is easy to eat and full of flavor. Macaroons have a thin, delicate shell with a delicious filling of your choice. Common macaroon flavors include: raspberry, dulce de leche, apricot-pineapple, coffee, honey lavender, pistachio, matcha green tea, cassisviolette, and much more.

2. Cupcakes

Who doesn’t like cupcakes? Not only are they easy to eat, they can fit any theme.You have a variety of creative ideas to choose from. Cupcakes can vary from elegant and simple to wild and vibrant. They are one of the more versatile of desserts you can have at your event.  Not only can you use your creativity with cupcake designs, but with flavors as well. Never feel restricted to a recipe, feel free to mix things up and experiment with different icing flavors, fillings, bases, and toppings. For example, toppings are an easy way to add character to your cupcakes. Explore different options. For example, chocolate can be a fun addition to your dessert.  A good tip would be to melt chocolate, create designs on a cookie sheet, and put them in your freezer. Once they’re frozen, you can place them on your cupcake for a nice chocolate addition!

3. Parfaits

Parfaits are one of the easiest desserts to prepare.It consists of layers of ice cream and/or yogurt with fruits and other complementary foods. (ex: granola or pound cake). Parfaits are a classy, and potentially healthy dessert for your event. For those that enjoy light, fresh desserts parfaits are perfect.  Examples of different types of parfaits include: Tiramisu Parfaits with Toasted Almonds, Peach and Blueberry Parfaits, Orange Berry Cream Parfait, Chocolate Oatmeal Parfaits, and more!

4. Fruit Tarts

Fruit tarts are usually made with a sweet pastry base, a light cream/custard, and glazed fruit toppings. Some fruits can be baked with the tart such as apples and pears, while others, such as strawberries and blueberries, are added in later for a more arranged look. Tarts are a tasty alternative for those that don’t have such a huge sweet-tooth. In order to create different fruit tarts, experiment with the different ingredients available. For example, when creating your very own fruit tart, you can choose from different tart bases that have certain textures, flavors, and levels of sweetness. You can also choose the custard/cream type as well. Some popular ones include: lemon, vanilla, cream cheese, and butter cream. Small changes in fruits and glaze can go a long way for the overall flavor of your dessert as well.

5. Cheesecake

This takes a classic cheesecake recipe and gives it a new twist.  Cheesecake can be combined with a variety of things such as chocolate, nuts and fruits.  Cheesecake is normally made with a cream cheese base and is blended with vanilla and sugar.  It can be accompanied with a delicate crust, made with pasty dough or even graham cracker.  This recipe can be changed up by stuffing strawberries with it and then dipping in chocolate.

These are but a few desserts you can have at your event. When deciding what desserts to provide, consider factors such as quantity, price, aesthetics, and guest friendliness. Have fun with it! Desserts are always a fun and exciting way to put your creative side to use.