Color Your Event to Perfection


The color scheme sets the tone for your event and it’s crucial that you pick the right one. It gives a certain feel to your occasion and has even been proven to affect moods. For example, fast food restaurants tend to use red and orange tones in their logos and designs because these colors are psychologically known to create hunger, increase heart rate, and make people excited. Change your event color, and watch as it impacts your audience.

Shades of blue are a wise choice to use for business events and meetings because it reflects reliability. The color is calm and lowers heart rate, body temperature, and decreases appetite; because of its tranquility, it is often seen globally as the safest color. In business this safety is crucial because it is imperative to avoid offending anyone, whether employees and especially potential clients. Blue also symbolizes peace, stability, trust, confidence, conservatism, knowledge, power, security, and integrity, which all are important aspect of the business community. Not only can this color be used to affect people during events, but can also be used in other situations regarding marketing. Blue is the number one color used on websites and can also be very effective on business cards to grasp your consumer’s attention subconsciously.

Black is known for its elegance and symbolizes authority and seriousness. Its power and sophistication makes it an excellent choice for events that call for tuxedos, suits, and classy dresses.

Purple is a unique color that is rarely found in nature. Its uniqueness makes it a luxurious color, symbolizing royalty, power, nobility, and enlightenment.  Events where you are centerstage and the main focus of the celebration call for this color; these events could be such as quinceañeras, birthdays, and even in weddings in various shades.

Colors and shades in weddings give off an atmosphere of love. Different seasons of the year call for different color shades as well.  White is consistently been a primary color in weddings because it exhibits purity, innocence, marriage, and good. In other words, it is when everything comes together in a perfect balance. Although white plays a big color in weddings, other color schemes need to be included also to include your own personal touch. Yellow is a great choice to incorporate into wedding color schemes because of how it affects the mood with joy, happiness, optimism, hope, and sunshine. It also symbolizes summer, which makes it an excellent color to incorporate during the summer season.

Taking multiple colors and mixing them can give your own event a personal touch while setting the mood of your choice. The black tux, the white dress, the yellow flowers, and the blue bridesmaid’s dresses come together to make a perfect wedding.  Now it’s time to go make yours.