Choosing The Perfect Quinceneara Dress

Quinceneara dresse

All parents want to make their daughter’s quinceanera perfect, so let’s start out with picking the right dress for the occasion. There are a few factors that go in to picking out the right dress for a quinceanera such as: budget, theme color, shape, and lastly accessories.


We all know that not everyone has an unlimited budget when it comes to planning a quinceañera. This is why planning ahead is key to giving your daughter the perfect event that she will remember for a lifetime. Same thing goes for picking out the dress for the quince. Choosing a dress that is not too pricey can go a long way because it will free up your budget to use it on other things involved with the quinceanera.

Theme Color

All quinceañeras will have a color scheme or theme to it, picking the color or theme of your quince ahead of time will help reduce the time of finding the right dress for your daughter. Pick a color that flatters your skin tone, complexion, hair color and eyes. For example, if your hair color is medium brown, go for soft reds, blues and green colored dresses. Dark brown or
almost black hair goes well with dark colors or muted tones. You also have to consider the location and time of your event. Most quinceañeras are formal and dressy but you should also consider where and what time your party is being held. Evening parties tend to be dressier while day-time parties are often more casual.

Shape and Accessories

Height, personality and preferences play a big factor in choosing the correct dress for the occasion. So that, and among other things, need to be considered when picking out the right dress to make your daughter look beautiful. For example, if you’re a short-stature girl, you’ll certainly want your dress to make you seem tall. It is advisable to avoid dresses with sheaths and those with full length skirts. Instead, go for cap sleeved dresses. Even A-line styles help your body appear elongated. When you’re shopping for your quinceanera dress, do not forget to purchase the accessories along with it. You need the right pair of footwear, undergarments as well as a clutch or handbag. However, pick the dress first. And make sure your accessories go well with your dress. To top off the look for the night, choosing the perfect hairstyle will complement the whole outfit altogether.

In the end, the quinceañera dress that you choose should make your daughter feel like the shining star of the room. This is her day and you should do everything that you can to make this perfect for her.