7 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Quinceneara Venue


Choosing your venue is an important step. It will determine the ambiance and ultimately the success of your Quinceneara. Here are 7 elements you should pay attention to when choosing a venue for your event.

1. Guests
It is always important to consider your guests. Even though it is your big day, your guests need to enjoy themselves too. For example if many of your guests are elderly, you may want to eliminate a destination Quinceneara. Families with young children may want to avoid the hassle from attending a beach Quinceneara. You can’t please everyone, but keep your guests in mind.

2. Traditional Venue
Many couples who have religious ceremonies tend to go for a more traditional Quinceneara reception hall. This is quite convenient because it can accommodate a large group of guests and has almost everything you need, from tables to linens to food. This can end up saving you a lot of money.

3. Destination Venue
A getaway is usually aimed for couples who want a smaller, intimate Quinceneara with close friends and family. Remember, this will be considerably more expensive for you guests. Also, consider that states and countries have different marriage-license rules. Make sure to research thoroughly before choosing an exotic destination.

4. Unique Venue
Unique locations are becoming quite popular nowadays. Many couples choose to have their Quinceneara at museums, barns, gardens, wineries or sports venues. It can represent your personality as a couple and set the tone for a memorable night. These locations might not typically host many Quincenearas, so the prices may differ. They might also charge extra for insurance and permits needed. In addition, outdoor Quincenearas in public areas may disturb your privacy. There will be many strangers who take pictures or come offer congratulations.

5. Marquee
If you want ultimate flexibility, a marquee Quinceneara is a great option. It gives you the freedom to choose everything, including location, flooring, lighting, and decorations. It can require a lot of imagination since you are planning from scratch. You may also need to provide a mobile bathroom if there is no indoor restroom nearby. All this planning can be very costly so remember to set a budget and stick to it if your heart is set on having a marquee Quinceneara .

6. Parking
You want to make sure that there is plenty of parking near your event. Guests should be able to find hassle-free parking and get to your venue safely. If not, you can opt to have guests meet at a different location and provide buses or shuttles for them. This can be costly though, so remember to consider parking when choosing a venue.

7. Take Tours
What looks great in pictures on the website or brochure might not look so fabulous in person! Make sure to visit all your venues before committing to one. Pay attention to details, such as bathroom locations, power outlets for entertainment, and possible routes to the venue. Be sure not to choose the first one you see or fall in love with. Outline the pros and cons with your partner and see which one is the perfect location for you.

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