6 Major Items for Your Quinceanera


If you are planning to have the best Quinceanera, there are some items you MUST have. The following six major items should be completed before the party.

Guest List

Undoubtedly, Quinceaneras can turn out to be large events. Your guest list can vary from 50 to 500 guests. With that being said, you should start thinking about who to invite as early as 6 months before the event to come up with the most accurate budget. Once you make the guest list, you need to prepare invitations.


You will need to reserve the best venue for the big day and make sure that it can accommodate all your guests and your party arrangements. When looking into the venue, don’t only look at the price; look at all the things that are included with the venue because they just may over weigh the costs.


You may not know exactly what kind of food you need to prepare. The best choice is to hire a catering company because they are the experts and it will save you time from preparing the food yourself. There are probably several caterers in your area and several restaurants that can cater for your event. You can choose any kind of food that will go best with your party and the caterers will help you along the way.

Dress and Accessories

Choosing the dress and accessories is an exciting event for the birthday girl. Since this party symbolizes a social metamorphosis of a girl from adolescence to adulthood, you need to have perfect dress, accessories and hairstyle. You can also hire stylists  for the day of the event to make you and your party look fabulous!


Music is one of the most essential items for the party. It can be chosen according to your personal taste but make sure to consider the young children and elderly people at your event. By hiring a DJ or musician, it will keep the atmosphere alive and keep your guests entertained.


You and family members will be busy during the party, so hiring a photographer will be absolutely worth it. If you hire photographer, he/she will be there to capture all the special moments during your big day!

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