5 Common Mistakes When Planning an Event

Planning an Event

When planning your event, you want to make sure you have all bases covered. Many mistakes that could be prevented during the planning processes tend to be overlooked. Here are some tips to help you conduct a successful event.

1. No communication
Communication is key. Make sure you have clearly stated your plan, goals, and vision to your team. If needed, have everything documented on paper, repeated yourself multiple times to emphasize your point, and follow through to make sure you are understood.

2. Neglecting to keep a record of changes
With so many things going on, it can be easy to forget to keep track of any changes you make to your event. Failure to do so can inflate your budget or cause more problems on the day of the event. To avoid any problems, make sure to have a system where you can document any changes. Your team should also be notified of any changes, whether it affects them or not. It is important to include everyone and keep them updated in your planning process.

3. No marketing strategy
You want your event to be successful with as many attendants as possible. Think of who your target audience, and cater your strategy to them. You don’t want to be using the wrong outlets to promote your event and have no one show up to your event.

4. Not allowing enough set up time
Always overestimate the time you have to set up for your event. The worst thing that can happen is to have an unprepared room when guests begin to arrive. Try to have everything set up at least 2 hours prior to the event.

5. Expecting everything to go smoothly
Even if think you have everything planned perfectly down to the last detail, there are bound to be unexpected hiccups on the day of the event. It’s important to be able to be flexible or have back up plans. Don’t be overwhelmed if things go wrong. Instead, try to calmly think of alternative solutions or ask others for help.

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