4 Things to Remember When Designing Your Quinceanera Invitations

Quinceneara OC

Quinceanera invitations give you an opportunity to showcase your personality in a creative and unique way.  Over time, quinceanera invitations have moved away from classic and reserved and more towards customizable and unique. While there are no specific rules to follow when planning your invitations, here are four important things to consider.

Choose invitations that represent your style.

Invitations give your guests a sneak peek into what your Quinceanera theme will be.  If you are drawn to the glitzy Hollywood lifestyle, send out invitations in the form of VIP passes.  If you love sports, adorn your decorations with soccer balls or pompoms.  The creative opportunities are endless!

Watch out for spelling errors!

Invitations are the first impression that your guests will receive- watch out for easy typos!  In addition, use clear, elegant language.

Ask for a proof of your invite before you print your entire order.

Your design might look great in a first draft, but make sure you see a hard copy proof of your invitation at the print store before you purchase them in bulk.

Order your invitations at least two months prior to your quinceanera.

To insure that they will arrive on time and are designed to your expectations, plan on ordering your invitations a couple months in advance.


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